Advanced Muay Thai + Timing

This class incorporates more advanced combinations, drills, and techniques during the first half of the class.  The second half of the class will be timing, or technical sparring.  During timing, you will partner up with other participants and work on your distance, speed, and balance.  Timing is correctly done when both opponents throw techniques <60% of maximum power, and 80% of maximum speed. Timing is conducted lightly, as to emphasize and reinforce proper technique.

Recommended for fighters and those who have learned basic punches, kicks and knees, and can work on further pad conditioning and defensive techniques.

**Those wanting to attend Timing and/or Sparring must be cleared by the coaching staff first by demonstrating proper technique, control and sportsmanship.

MANDATORY GEAR: Mouthpiece, cup (males)

RECOMMENDED GEAR: Thai boxing Shorts, shirt, hand wraps, gloves. ankle supports, water.