Functional Strength and Conditioning + Boxing

Our bodies are not made to take constant abuse. Muay Thai, even when done correctly can be a very intense and demanding workout on your body. FSC is designed specifically to strengthen, stabilize and improve the range of motion of muscles and systems which work hard to support your joints and limbs. Essential to those who have musculoskeletal imbalances, poor joint stability, and/or limited range of motion, this class is a perfect compliment to your Muay Thai training.

FSC will focus on movement, flexibility and foundational strength incorporate basic body weight calisthenics, kettlebells, battle ropes, and medicine balls. We will use a combination of functional strength training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), flexibility and mobility.

The second half of the class will focus on boxing technique and form, and incorporate bag and/or pad work.

This class is highly recommended for all Members, from recreational athletes to competitive fighters.

Recommended Attire: Athletic clothes, no shoes or socks.